Three Clark County Schools Receive National PTA Schools Of Excellence

Two-a-day PTA meetings, assigned classroom ambassadors and widespread buy-in are  are just a few of the unique PTA efforts that have to be made in a city like Las Vegas to have success. The same efforts that resulted in national recognition.  This school year three schools in the Clark County School District were selected as National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Schools of Excellence. The three schools to receive the award

Nevada School Achievements

Education Stakeholders For nearly two decades, the Nevada Education Data Book has been a reliable one-stop resource for data concerning K-12 and higher education in Nevada.  Every two years, more than 200 hard copies are put in the hands of Nevada’s policymakers and education leaders, and the online version is accessed every day by researchers, journalists, and citizens.  Through its first 15 months on the web, the 2015 Nevada Education

Nevada PTA Successful Schools

From the Reno Gazette Journal: From Reno to Las Vegas, families across Nevada, including my own, have begun another school year. You may have questions about the challenges he or she may face this year, like: Will my son or daughter be able to keep up? Will he or she feel safe? Will he or she be happy? As a father, and now as a grandfather, I have asked

Annual In-Kind Check

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Child                         Trustee Kim Wooden                      Deputy Superintendent Clark County School District Michael Kaleikini               Vice President of Resource Development David Flatt                          President Nevada Pta Julie William                      Vice President of Leadership Chris Garvey                      Trustee Sam King                             President of Neon PTA Paul Ray                              Attorney board Consultant Nevada PTA Deanna Wright                  Trustee Erin Cranor                         Trustee Dr. Linda Young                Trustee President

PTA Awards

1 Outstanding PTA Achievement Award Frank Lamping PTA 2 Gold PTA Achievement Award Richard H. Bryan PTA 3 Gold PTA Achievement Award Charlotte Hill Elementary School PTA 4 Gold PTA Achievement Award Cottonwood PTA 5 Gold PTA Achievement Award Fernley Elementary School PTA 6 Gold PTA Achievement Award John C Fremont Elementary School PTA 7 Gold PTA Achievement Award Silverland Middle School PTSA 8 Gold PTA Achievement Award John C.