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Pictured from left to right: Kevin Child                         Trustee Kim Wooden                      Deputy Superintendent Clark County School District Michael Kaleikini               Vice President of Resource Development David Flatt                          President Nevada Pta Julie William                      Vice President of Leadership Chris Garvey                      Trustee Sam King                             President of Neon PTA Paul Ray                              Attorney board Consultant Nevada PTA Deanna Wright                  Trustee Erin Cranor                         Trustee Dr. Linda Young                Trustee President

Nevada PTA Receives The National PTA MP3-Male Participation Award

  Nevada Sees Spike in Male Involvement Nevada PTA receives national honor for male outreach efforts   ALEXANDRIA, VA. (July 25, 2012) – If Nevada families see more men around this coming school year, it may be because of the strong focus of Nevada PTA to engage men in their child’s education. The effort began during the 2011-2012 school year and resulted in Nevada PTA receiving the National PTA MP3-Male

Fundraising and the Purpose of PTA

Fundraising Fundraising and the Purpose of PTA The primary emphasis in PTA should be the promotion of the PTA mission and the purposes of PTA. The real working capital of a PTA lies in its members, not in its treasury. Fundraising is not a primary function of PTA. When PTAs invest their human resources in programs that improve homes, schools, and communities, they earn benefits for children and youth with

Fundraising Form 1-4

Here some forms to help you start your fundraising  programs Sponsorship1 Sponsorship2 Sponsorship3 Sponsorship4

PTA Radio

Closing Schools, Closing PTAs With inadequate education funding and education budgets being sliced more and more every year across the country, communities are dealing with a growing number of school closures. The question from our listenership is: how do PTAs handle these controversial situations? To help answer this question and more, we speak to Janet Meyerson of the NYS PTA. She is the vice president of field support and region