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The goal for National PTAs Healthy Lifestyles programming is to help school and home environments make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. Obesity has potentially devastating consequences for youth, increasing the risk of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Children who are obese also miss more school than other kids. If we don’t reverse the current childhood obesity trend, this will be the first generation to live sicker and die younger than their parents.

PTA has an important role to play in reversing this trend. Problems exist both at home and school that could benefit from a stronger family-school partnership around advocacy, mobilization and family education—PTAs specific niche. The Healthy Lifestyles program provides family-centered education and tools to empower families to partner with schools and advocate for healthy changes around nutrition and physical activity, and create an environment at home that supports the positive changes happening at school.

By advocating for nutritious school meals and quality physical education, ensuring healthy options are available at home, and modeling healthy behaviors, parents can create lifelong healthy habits within their families and school communities and foster their children’s academic, social, emotional and physical growth.

Smart from the Start: Community Outreach Grant provides PTA Regions, Districts and Councils with funding and tools to educate families of children ages 3-5 and partner with a local neighborhood community to improve awareness of energy balance concepts.
Healthy Lifestyles Energy Balance 101: Provides local PTAs with tools and resources to use in partnering with schools and engaging families in addressing an everyday healthy lifestyle practice known as Energy Balance.
Childhood Obesity Facts: Research and statistics PTAs can use to encourage their schools and communities to improve student nutrition and physical activity, and also to create healthier homes and schools.
Creating Healthy Schools: Information on how to improve school nutrition, increase physical activity and develop and implement school wellness policies.
Creating Healthy Homes: Tips for promoting healthy eating and being physically active as a family.
Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles: Learn about National PTAs Healthy Lifestyles month, ideas for celebrating and best practices for integrating healthy lifestyles into your school.
Fire Up Your Feet: A physical activity program that encourages families, students, schools and PTA groups to work together and create active lifestyles which inspire our children to be healthy and physically active. A healthy fundraising option is available to all schools and PTA groups in the country and an Activity Challenge program is available is selected areas around the country.

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