Kohls pledges $10,000 of Schoolwear

Kohls Nevada PTA

The Chaps Schoolwear Program at Kohl’s has pledged $10,000 worth of approved Schoolwear to Clark County PTA schools with the help of the Nevada PTA. We want to thank the support team of Fishman Tobin Inc. Donna Konn ,Jeff Rayden and Andrew Rayden for their help in finding the resources to help the children of Nevada. Many thanks goes to Julie Williams , Michael Kaleikini and Diane Kinsel of the Nevada PTA board of managers for being at most of these schools . PTA Presidents and School Principals at Watson, Twitchell, Vandenberg, Wallin and Miller we also appreciate their help putting this event on with short notice and school starting today. We would like to also like to thank CCSD Faces Cheryl Adler Davis and Patsi Saas and Communications department Dave Sheehan and Michele Nelson for all their work on making this a success. Last but not least we need to thank Trustee Chris Garvey for finding time to attend the ceremonies at Watson ES.

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