Membership Dues

Submit your dues monthly to the state office.  Make checks payable to Nevada PTA for $4.50 per person. (State dues are $2.25; National dues are $2.25). When using Just Between Friends there is no need to send a roster or a dues remittance form.  Your PTA’s Treasurer and Membership Chair should communicate monthly so that the Treasurer knows how many new members to pay dues for.

.Membership Cards

Everyone who becomes a member of your PTA/PTSA needs to receive a membership card.  You will receive blank membership cards equal to your 2011-2012 membership plus 10%. Once you have sent in dues for those you may request more from the Nevada PTA office.

Membership is:  one person = one card = one vote

Be sure to check your bylaws to see if the price for membership dues has been preset for your PTA.  Make sure you include your National PTA Unit ID # on your cards.This # can be found on the Membership Folder that your PTA received at training.The expiration date on membership cards should be at least June 30, 2012 and be for the year to allow your members to utilize benefits during summer vacations.

Just Between Friends – Membership Roster

Just Between Friends JBF) is an online program that will help you to manage your members, to communicate effectively with them, and to recruit and retain volunteers.

If you are already using JBF, remember to transition your officers

All outgoing and returning system administrators must transition their officers to the new
school year. It’s important to set up your new officers before your permissions expire in the system.  It is quick and easy.  Visit to find instructions for transitioning officers.

If your PTA is new to JBF, please go to 

There are live, interactive webinars available to help you and how-to information at

If you need anything or have a question or concern please contact the Nevada PTA office at 702-258-7885 (toll free 800-782-7201).

The Nevada PTA website address is

The National PTA website address is