Nevada PTA’s Board of Managers Information

Nevada PTA’s Nominating Committee is elected at each Nevada PTA Convention that is held in an even numbered year.  It is tasked with searching for applicants to serve on Nevada PTA’s Board of Managers; the process begins in November of the year that they are elected.Nominees for the following state leadership positions will be elected in April 2015. They will serve a two year term that begins at the end of the 2015 Nevada PTA Convention and ends after Nevada PTA’s Convention in 2017.The following positions are part of Nevada PTA’s Executive Committee and Board of Managers:

President-Elect (candidates must have served one term on Nevada PTA’s Board of Managers within the past 6 years)
Vice President of Leadership: Oversees leadership of all local PTAs
Vice President of Advocacy: Responsible for Nevada PTA’s advocacy at a local, state and federal level.
Vice President of Membership: Responsible for improving PTA membership in Nevada.
Vice President of Resource Development: Responsible for marketing and for generating non-dues revenue for the association.
Vice President of Programs: Responsible for all PTA programs in Nevada including Reflections and Local PTA Awards.
Secretary: Responsible for creating and maintaining minutes and business documents of Nevada PTA.
Treasurer: Custodian of all financial holdings, keeps financial records, and presents statements at each meeting of the Board.

The following positions are part of Nevada PTA’s Board of Managers:

Four (4) Region Directors (one representative for each of the four geographic regions as outlined by Nevada PTA’s bylaws) 
Member at Large (up to 3 positions)

Please be aware that Nevada PTA’s Board of Managers is a “working board,” which means that the board does the work of unpaid staff of the association.  Nevada PTA employs one person to manage its office and, to a certain extent, provide assistance local PTA leaders.  All of the other work of the association is done by the members of Nevada PTA’s volunteer Board of Managers and a handful of additional volunteers.  This work includes (but isn’t limited to) advocacy, leadership and training for local PTA leaders, resource development, membership, finances and community relations.

If you have questions, please call Nevada PTA at (702) 258-7885 or email the Nominating Committee Chair, Dino Davis, directly at


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