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For nearly two decades, the Nevada Education Data Book has been a reliable one-stop resource for data concerning K-12 and higher education in Nevada.  Every two years, more than 200 hard copies are put in the hands of Nevada’s policymakers and education leaders, and the online version is accessed every day by researchers, journalists, and citizens.  Through its first 15 months on the web, the 2015 Nevada Education Data Book had more than 73,000 hits by 1,600 unique visitors.

In laying out the 200-page Data Book, there are white spaces that must be filled.  In the 2015 edition, we used these spaces to feature historical facts about education in the State.  For the upcoming 2017 version, we would like to highlight educational excellence, honors, and awards in Nevada.  Here are some examples:

• Nevada’s 2016 Michael Landsberry Teacher of the Year is John Tierney, an English and Social Studies teacher at Adobe Middle School in Elko.
• Nevada has 20 Five-Star high schools, they are…
• According to the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Nevada ranks number one among 43 states in the quality of its charter school law.
• Kwang J. Kim of the University of the Nevada, Las Vegas received the 2015 Board of Regents Researcher Award in recognition of his work in energy systems and active materials and sensors.

Approximately 40 of these one-sentence blurbs will be needed throughout the 2017 edition.  We are particularly interested in national recognition, but State honors are excellent as well.  Is there something you would like to see highlighted?  Please send your suggestions to Submissions are needed by September 30.

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