New Training Requirements for Local Leaders 2017-2018

As a service to our members we have shortened the day of our Local Leaders Training and will add an online component to make sure our leaders are thoroughly trained. Prior to the in person training, you will need to do some online e-training from National PTA. Click on the links to complete.

Step 1: Submit Officers Roster Blank_2017-2018 Officers Roster or Online Form

Step 2: Standards Continued Affiliation with Nevada PTA-2017

Step 3: Complete the Online Training

  • The training works best in Google Chrome.
  • If you get a security warning on the quick links below, please visit elearning and find the specific training.
  • Mandatory online training is 2 classes; Basics & Officer Specific.
  • Click on links below to access training from computer or cell phone
  • You do not need to register to complete the courses
  • When finished, take overview quiz and survey, print or screen shot certificate of completion.
  • Bring proof to Local Leaders Training Event.
  • **if you have issues with these last 2 steps, it is ok, let us know you finished  by emailing**

All Officers: PTA Basics

President: Local Unit President

Treasurer: Local Unit Treasurer

Secretary: Local Unit Secretary

Step 4:
Register for your local training event:

Rural Nevada- Sage Elementary Sept 30

Training is $5 per person and includes a continental type breakfast. Tickets can be purchased online when you register for event. Each person attending training must register separately. Tickets for event can be purchased online individually or one person can purchase multiple event tickets and distribute to already registered participants.

Prior to training we recommend you visit and create accounts on these two sites. They are 2 separate accounts. You will need to register separately for both. However, to make it easy, you can register using the same login and password for both sites.  You will need no special information to do this, just personal info and unit name.

PTA.ORG Sign in to Existing Account or choose to Register

Access the Back to School Kit

There are many great training’s available for all local PTA leaders and you are welcome to take them all.

Step 5: Attend Local Training Event

On the day of the in person training, everyone will attend the same Nevada PTA Local Leaders Training. This course will be approximately 90 minutes in length.

There will be stations to visit for help on filing taxes, getting your audit done, bylaws and general questions.

We will also have vendors and continental breakfast provided.

Download a copy with links below:

Local Leader Training Requirements and Instructions


Make Up Training for those who missed the in person events:

In order to make up for missing the event, you will need to prove completion of the following elearning courses:

eLearning Registration Guide

All officers:

PTA Basics

Membership Basics

President: Board Basics,  Local Unit President, Parliamentary Procedure

Treasurer: Local Unit Treasurer, Quick Guide to Budget Basics

Secretary: Local Unit Secretary, Quick Guide to Approving Minutes

**Additionally, you will not be signed off as trained until Nevada PTA receives a copy of the following (current from Sept. meeting):

President: Agenda and Budget

Treasurer: Treasurer Report and Audit

Secretary: Minutes and confirm Bylaws are up to date.

Email all training documents to, you may also email questions to this email.