What are PTA Programs?

PTA provides many programs to help increase family engagement. Many resources on implementing PTA programs can be found on  National PTA’s website in the members only area. Please go online and look at the awesome resources available. Many programs have opportunities to win grant money to assist with implementation.

Healthy Lifestyles
PTA is committed to building healthy families and healthy communities; this
program is designed with this goal in mind. National PTA has many resources available on online to help learning the facts about various health concerns and program implementation ideas. Click here for more information.

M.O.R.E. (Men Organized to Raise Engagement)

Dedicated to raising the level of engagement between children and the important men in their lives.

PTA Start the Art Week
An opportunity to provide your school’s students with arts experiences. It’s
also an ideal time to inform families of the benefits of arts education and
gain the support of the community. Show your PTA’s commitment to arts education by observing PTA Start the Art Week with a one-day event or a week long  celebration.

Take your Family to School Week
Family involvement in children’s education increases student success in
school–and has been at the heart of PTA since its founding in February 1897. With PTA Take Your Family to School Week in February, we honor and continue our legacy of building family-school partnerships for the benefit of all children.

Teacher Appreciation Week
PTAs host teacher appreciation events in the school and community. PTA honors teachers and the important role they play in the school and community. Teachers appreciation weezk allows PTA’s to show their appreciation to teachers by hosting special events honoring their impact on the lives of the children they influence daily.

For ideas on how to celebrate teachers, click here.


Reflections is an arts recognition program of the National PTA that begins at the Local level and progresses to the State onto National PTA.
Reflections provide children in preschool through grade 12 with an opportunity to express themselves. The Reflections theme is suggested by
students in an annual theme search and changes each year.There are specific rules for participating in Reflections please be sure to download that information when it becomes available.

Three for Me A Little Means A Lot

Three for Me is a PTA program designed to effectively involve parents and families in support of children and their education.Three for Me will help schools,PTA’s parent groups,and other volunteer based organizations reach volunteer hours never thought possible. Learn how to tap into the many talents and skills that parents are happy you offer.With Three for Me, you will find creative ways to connect all families to their child’s school and education, ideas to strengthen home-school-community partnerships,and resources to motivate parents.

Get Three for Me started at your school, organization today and put a new face on parent involvement. Click here for more information.

National PTA Awards

  • Phoebe Apperson Hearst Awards
  • Smart from the Start
  • Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant
  • Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award
  • PTA Life Achievement Awards

For a list of additional National PTA Awards, click here.

How can our PTA become an award winning PTA?

Nevada PTA and National PTA recognize PTAs for Outstanding achievement. Awards include:

Nevada PTA Awards

  • Membership Increase
  • Nick Poulakidas Membership Promotion
  • Gold and Silver PTA Achievement
  • President’s Special Recognition
  • Nevada Outstanding PTA
  • Spotlight – Outstanding Newsletter
  • Lynel Cunningham Site Administrator
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Ann T. Lynch Outstanding Parent Member
  • Youth Participation
  • Dixie Worden Humanitarian
  • Bob Huwe Community Involvement
  • Hank Etchemendy Advocacy

Award Packets
Nevada PTA Achievement Awards are based on the Purposes of PTA and programs/events/activities that each PTA undertakes during the year. Several Achievement Awards are also associated with the promotion of the National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships. Participate in or sponsor just 1-3 programs/events/activities for each of the Purposes of PTA and your PTA will be an award-winning PTA! It’s that easy! Click here for more information.