PTA Family Reading Challenge

Nevada PTA is proud to support the PTA Family Reading Challenge to inspire and encourage families to keep learning alive during summer break and make joyful memories by reading great books together.


The new website includes information about how families can participate in the PTA Family Reading Challenge and prizes families can win for taking the time to read together. It also features videos of families sharing their experiences of reading together and tools to promote the challenge to local PTA units and members.


We encourage you to visit and spread the word about the PTA Family Reading Challenge on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #FamiliesRead. You also can share our promotional flier and videos, including one of award-winning author Kwame Alexander and his family.


Throughout the month of July, PTA will empower families with tips and activities that encourage ongoing reading, while challenging them to share photos, videos and memories that demonstrate why reading together is a fun and treasured family activity.

Family Reading Challenge

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