Ready For The Test Social Media Learning Toolkit

Ready For The Test Social Media Learning Toolkit


We are excited to share our newest parent resource, Ready for the Test.  Developed with National PTA and Scholastic, this campaign was designed to help parents understand why the annual state test matters and how they can help their children feel confident and ready for the test.  The messages were developed based on our research and focus groups with parents this year.

We hope you’ll find this information and resource helpful as part of your existing outreach. Please find sample Twitter, Facebook, and Email content enclosed – we are grateful for your support in distributing this broadly with your networks.

Thanks for your partnership,

~ Learning Heroes

Help your child feel confident & ready for the state test this spring with these resources: #bealearninghero

Why is the state test important? It’s one way to know if your child is meeting grade-level goals. #bealearninghero

Where does your child need extra support? Look at last year’s state test results & find more help: #bealearninghero

#ParentTips: Help your child prepare by looking over your state’s practice test here: #bealearninghero

#ParentTips: Know the basics about the state test. Your child’s teacher can help! #bealearninghero

How do you help your child tackle test nerves? Share your tips using #bealearninghero! #parenttips